What Sadie's been up to...


20th April 2017


Today hasn't been such a good day for Sadie, she has had to have surgery on both of her front elbows and so she is feeling a bit sorry for herself.


She has slept through most of her working day, and has 6 weeks of none to limited walks ahead of her.


It hasn't stopped her thoroughly enjoying her ham treats though!

3rd April 2017


Today we went to have the car washed [to maintain a professional image etc].


This was quite exciting, and we got to take some selfies while we waited!

14th March 2017


Everyone, meet Sadie, Sadie, meet everyone.

She is my office dog, and, despite contributing very little to any process ever, is a vital part of the team.


We rescued her in October 2017 as an 11 month old puppy. She hadn't had the best start to life, having spent most of it chained up in a yard until she was put up for sale, where someone very kind then came and took her into rescue. After a short transition period with a wonderful foster family she came to us and her forever home.


Here she is in her office chair where she does all of her important dog thinking. She is a great believer in power naps for increasing productivity and partakes on a regular basis.